Shanghai SBINV Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 (originally on the ShangHai langHao Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.), the company opened the e-commerce site in 2001, jointly Baidu, 3721 portal site platform for business promotion services, continue to increase in the Yahoo, Google,business promotion services the Alibaba, ebigchina, portal platform, and now the company's Web site increased the QQ online advisory function, MSN online SKYPE online voice system, in addition to increase in Alibaba online shopping cart functionality. September 21, 2006, SBINV and commercial platform, and AliBaba signed so far TrustPass members, the company can give new impetus.

1、WATLOW heaters system products :
Cartridge heaters | Tubular Heaters | Immersion Heaters | Circulation Heaters | Fluid Transport Circulation Heaters | Air Heaters | High Temperature Heaters | Ceramic Heaters | Special Ceramic Heaters | Band / Barrel Heaters | Nozzle Heaters | Radiant Heaters | Custom Heaters

2、WATLOW temperature sensors system products
Thermocouples | Multipoints Thermocouples | Differential bit Thermocouples | High Temperature Thermocouples | Surface Thermocouples | Resistance Temperature Sensors | Thermocouple Male Plug | Thermocouple Female Jack | Thermocouple Accessories | Mineral Insulation Material Thermocouples | Mineral Insulated Cable | Compensation Wire | Thermocouples Wire | Ceramic Fiber Thermocouples Wire | Kapton Thermocouples Wire | Teflon Thermocouples Wire

3, WATLOW control systems products:
Integrated multi-function controller | temperature and process controller | controller limitations and alarm | Power Switch | Power Controllers | user interface | Temperature Indicators | customized controller software units | Control accessories | custom design the controller

4, WATLOW Heating\Sensing and Control system:
manufacture of the photovoltaic industry | Petrochemical Industry | Steel industry | chemical fiber industry | Power plant | mold manufacturing | machinery manufacturing | Rubber plastic | aerospace | Pharmaceutical Engineering | packaging manufacturer | Food Production |

Shanghai SBINV and Watlow products in the Chinese market a wider range of applications, will cooperate in more areas, With Watlow's most cutting-edge products, combined with Shanghai SBINV company many years of sales experience will be in China to create a more brilliant.

The company will continue SBINV good customer service, will be the customers' needs as their responsibility, the ultimate goal of customer as the ultimate goal!

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